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Testimony of Carolyn Short

I was married in 1977, but my husband passed away due to cancer in 1981. My life had taken many downturns after the death of my mother in July of 2018. I lived with both of my sons for a short time, but they were unable to support me as my outlook on life continued its downward spiral. I spent many nights in homeless and womens shelters. I was in a cheap motel very despondent. I told the motel manager that I wanted to kill myself. He called 911 and told the operator of my desire to kill myself.

Shortly after that conversation, the police and ambulance came to the motel to take me to a local hospital for treatment for anxiety and depression. January 5, 2019, I was placed in WellBridge, a mental health facility. I was homeless and had no place to go. Crystal came into my life at WellBridge. At the time I met her I did not know what I would do when I would leave WellBridge. She offered me a place to live in her group home.

I moved into Amazing Care Homes in January of 2019. Crystal has been inspirational to me. She has a positive and encouraging outlook on life. She really listens when I talk to her. The residents with whom I live have been very supportive. The atmosphere of the home is peaceful and supportive. My battles with depression and anxiety were deep and difficult. The recovery has been a slow, daily climb.

Today, November 14, 2019, I have built a new life. I have formed friendships inside and outside of the home. I have been able to return to working full-time. I once relied on the help of others to live day by day. Today I am a productive member of society who is ready to leave Amazing Care and live independently. The gentleman in the photo with me is Rick Phelps. Rick is the brother of my deceased first husband. We are long-time friends in a committed relationship.

Thank you for your giving to Amazing Care Homes. Your support helps to make life changing stories like mine happen.

Testimony of Regina Newton
November 12, 2019

I had a painful experience with my family at home. I was living with my mother. She is in the stages of dementia. Sometimes she did not recognize me. She felt that my presence scared her. How my presence scared her I do not and probably will not ever know.

Having no other place to live, I lived in my car for a few weeks. I would park in different places so as not to raise suspicion nor be a burden to anyone. I felt alone and isolated. Having spent 16 years in the military, I decided to go to the local VA office for guidance. I met with a homeless counselor who helps displaced veterans to find housing. I was referred to Crystal Mitchell and Amazing Care Homes.

I began living at Amazing Care Homes on August 15, 2019. I went from being homeless to living at Amazing Care Homes in one day. The atmosphere of friendship and acceptance from the residents and staff of the home changed my life. The primary change came from knowing that I am loved and am no longer alone in this world. Now I know that my life matters to someone.

Thank you for making a difference in my life by your giving.


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